The purpose of the study is to explore youth sport coaches’ perspectives on their coaching philosophies, training needs, interests, and coaching behaviors and practices.

The National Youth Coach Survey is an effort led by the Aspen Institute for Project Play in partnership with LiFESports at The Ohio State University with support from Nike and the Susan Crown Exchange. The survey targets ALL youth sport coaches who work with young people in any sport setting including organized sport and free play. The survey questions focus on:

Coaches’ background and training
The reason they began coaching and what keeps them coaching
Their confidence level based upon their training
The additional supports they need to be an effective coach
Their perceptions of the current youth sports system in their community

This short online survey should be taken by anyone who is or has been a youth sports coach
and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. For respondents willing to provide an
email address, one person from every 25 from southeast Michigan will win a $50 electronic gift card.