Coaching kids goes beyond simply winning games – it’s also critical to develop each athlete. As a coach, if you are able to focus on the social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs of the whole child, you can help youth athletes feel safe and supported, and foster important traits such as responsibility and perseverance, and guide them in building an emotional foundation for success.

“My first coaches helped build my self-esteem and self-worth. They made the tennis court a safe place where I was challenged and encouraged to dream my dreams. And they kept me in the game, when I wanted to quit.”

Andy Roddick

These seven “calls” for coaches represent the best practices and everyday strategies that you as a coach can use to create safe and supportive environments for the young athletes you serve:

1 – Know Every Athlete’s Story

2 – Establish a Supportive Team Culture

3 – Celebrate Effort

4 – Focus on Skills that Matter

5 – Be a Role Model

6 – Be Coachable

7 – Join Forces

What you can do: